10 ways to make money with whatsapp on your phone in 2021

10 ways to make money with WhatsApp on your phone in 2021

Of all the applications installed on your smartphone, you agree with me that only one captivates you the most, whether you are young or not for its efficiency and ease of access. WhatsApp has become the first thing you think about and touch in the morning when you pick up your phone and the last thing before going to sleep ???. Given the time you spend on this application, wouldn’t it be interesting to try to profit from it, to get paid or refund the time you spend there ??????. Below we have summarized in ten points some free, simple, effective, and reliable ways to benefit from wasted hours on WhatsApp.

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1. Save as many contacts as possible.

To get started, import any personal contacts you have on your cell phone. After that, start by broadening your search to include your business contacts, friends of friends, and acquaintances. To increase your chances of making money, you need to make sure you reach as many people as possible. Specifically, target relevant stakeholders. Now that you have an available audience, you can focus on the people who can benefit the most from your services. Tailor your feed content to captivate these people or to communicate with them individually to surprise them.

2. Join as many different groups as you want


This allows greater freedom to adjust marketing strategies.

3. Offer your services directly.


Use WhatsApp to let your contacts know about products, skills, or specials that they might find useful.

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4. Collaborate with large companies such as restaurants, retail stores, and hotel chains.

Advertise a bigger business. Some companies have a policy of paying small amounts of money to people who make recommendations to new customers. All you need to do is send messages to these businesses and offer to share sponsored promotional content through WhatsApp..

5. Post links to your website.

Instead of just letting people know that you offer computer maintenance or personal training services, let your contacts find out about your services for themselves. Personalize your signature for all your messages while including a link to your website or social media profiles

6. Host a virtual conference or seminar.

Express your ideas to a much larger audience using the group video calling feature. Participating users will be able to see and listen to you in real time. The ideal is to be able to present specialized knowledge or information that only an expert can know. If you organize several seminars on groups, you are more likely to make a profit and reach a much larger audience. Offer live customer support. Whatsapp’s one-on-one chat format makes it ideal for answering contacts’ questions and concerns discreetly. Customers can write you messages, send you pictures of faulty products, or even chat with an assistant to find a solution to their problem.

7. Contribute to local news.

Keep an eye out for open calls from news networks and other publications looking for media content to post through a WhatsApp number. In many cases, these media will be willing to pay for high-quality photos, sound clips, and important news video footage. Whenever you have similar material, send it to news organizations directly through the app. On a daily basis, always be prepared to capture unusual facts and events that you consider to be journalistically relevant.

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Job offer and competition
8. Create private groups.

One of the particularly useful features of WhatsApp is that it is possible to create groups of users based on a common interests or other classifications. A well-structured group can become a source of contacts interested in your promotions and your brand. Your groups should have a clear purpose: for example, you could create one where customers can give you suggestions on innovations they would like to see in the future or give their opinion on a new product line.

9. Make people work for you.

On the Internet, there are many paid jobs online. Some of them are typed at home, pdf to MS Word writing, etc. Many companies provide surveys to get paid. The thing to do is to take the works of these websites and post them to a WhatsApp group. If someone is qualified, he/she will do it for you and you pay them directly from the amount you are paid by the companies for that job. Normally, the rate you receive is between $ 2 and $ 10 per page. You decide how much you would keep and how much you would give to the people who worked for it. About the income, it depends on your effort. As much time you spend on WhatsApp working with these steps you will save accordingly

10. Earn money sharing your skills on WhatsApp.

If you have skills like web design and app development then this is a great chance to make money with WhatsApp. You can earn a lot of money by sharing your skills via WhatsApp messages in a photo.

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10 techniques to make money with WhatsApp on your phone

-Download the WhatsApp messaging app on your smartphone, tablet, and other devices so you always have access to it.
-Update the application to its most recent version. You will have more features available and you will not have to worry about any errors or security issues.
-Read WhatsApp messages frequently so that you don’t miss any important requests or questions.
-Avoid spamming. If you just send internet addresses to your contacts without descriptions or introductions, you could be considered a spambot.



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