How To Make Money With Facebook: The 8 Royal Ways To Make A Living On Facebook

Surely you are surprised to read this title? Realize that very seriously, you can make money with and on Facebook.

You probably use Facebook and without knowing it you may have to spend more than an hour a day. And, that’s still low compared to others who are constantly logged into their accounts through the magic of smartphones. If you felt the irony, thank you, but this is only partial. What I mean is that it would be just as profitable to use that (precious) time to save money.

🤠 A small aside: I am one of those people who want Facebook to compensate its users. This is all the more legitimate since it is these same users who are making money for this giant. After all, the users themselves should receive some sort of compensation for the billions of ads on the platform. Yeah, I know I’m digressing..but still, I wanted to say that in the intro of this article.

Okay, after my little interlude, let’s get back to our sheep. Facebook remains the largest social network in terms of volume and time spent. Soon overtaken by Instagram, which remains one of its subsidiaries.

In addition, I see more and more people who want to make money on social media. For many of them, it even became a full-time job. Yes, I remind you that if you get an income from Facebook, then you can work anywhere in the world. Oh yeah!

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1 Can Anyone Make Money on Facebook?
1.1 The prerequisites: what you need to do on Facebook first
1.2 What can’t you do on Facebook?
2 How to make money with Facebook
2.1 1. By posting publications with affiliate links
2.2 2. Join local buying and selling groups
2.3 3. Create your own group
2.4 4. Share your affiliate and referral links
2.5 5. Participate in business competitions.
2.6 6. Create Facebook ads
2.7 7. Become a Facebook Marketer
2.8 8. Become a community manager
3 Conclusion on making money with Facebook:
First, let’s answer the preliminary question:

Can Anyone Make Money on Facebook?

In fact, unbelievable as it is, the answer is yes. There is something for everyone and that’s what I’m going to explain to you in this article. Whether you own a full-fledged business or don’t have an item or service to sell, you can still make money with Facebook.

Anyone can make money with Facebook, I repeat. As with everything in life, you will need to be persistent and not give up if you don’t win immediately. Making money fast is difficult, but making money instantly is impossible. Remember, you have to be patient.

The prerequisites: what you need to do on Facebook first
earn money with Facebook
Maybe you can create a new account, which this time will be dedicated to your site activities to make money on Facebook. This is not necessary at all, but you will make your decision at the end of this article when you have chosen the method that suits you best.

person using both laptop and smartphone

Even if you don’t create a new profile, you will still need to rework your current profile. Your profile will need to be of high quality. A good photo and a good description. This is essential in order for you to be taken seriously.

There are far too many people on Facebook who just go there to spam and promise people good luck. However, in the end, these people are not followed and people do not give them credit. I think you don’t want to be that kind of person.

Make sure your Facebook profile looks like you’re a real person, even if it’s your second account. Don’t hesitate to put a “serious” photo and a good Facebook cover. I will explain how you can do this below.

What can’t you do on Facebook?
Almost anything can be sold or traded on Facebook. On some items, Facebook prohibits any sale to specific items, here is the list:

The alcohol
The tobacco
Gambling and casino games
Now, we can get to the heart of the matter:

How to make money with Facebook

Now that your profile is ready, you are quite simply ready to start earning money. In many cases, you will be selling items or services that you already own. But we’re also going to include a few other ideas so that you’re not just selling.

1. By posting publications with affiliate links

This simple method is used a lot and maybe you haven’t noticed it. This is ideal for affiliate links. But, I’ll talk about that later, it’s not with your friends and relatives that you will earn more by joining. Having said that, for a start, that’s great. It allows you to take your first step into the world of affiliate marketing.

Otherwise, you can simply sell items that you find interesting and that you can deliver. I am not talking here (not for the moment) of dropshipping or the like. I’m talking about the sale of something you own like your phone, your car, or whatever. Something you can sell fast.
While this post is intended for your friends on Facebook, make it more professional. Indeed, the possibility of sharing will be greater if the message is objective.

You will be able to sell your items more easily.

iPhone X beside MacBook

2. Join local buying and selling groups

The post on his wall is very good. But, as I said, your circle of friends is small by definition and you don’t have much luck selling them an item.
This is why you should join your local buying and selling groups as well. Facebook makes selling a lot easier because you can usually create the post in one group and repost it in other groups.

There is certainly a used good buying and selling group in your town. Likewise, target groups with your object. If you are selling a car, look for “used car sales” groups. Enter these groups and introduce yourself before presenting your item. This is very important, it reassures the customer.

Each group has different admission rules; Read them well before posting anything. Otherwise, the group moderators can delete your post or remove you from the group.

3. Create your own group

There, we begin to get to serious things, very serious even. Having your own group on Facebook can turn out to be a real nugget. Be aware that many people have sold their groups to companies at very high prices. Likewise, we can ask you – once you have a large number – to post a specific article – in exchange for remuneration. But, I will explain this point below. There, it is simply a matter of creating your own group to sell your item or service. At least you’ll be in charge to post whenever you want.

However, it may take a long time for your group to become large. You have to really get people to sign up first. By messaging and on your wall. Put on a nice cover photo and make you want it right from the description.

black Android smartphone turned-on

4. Share your affiliate and referral links

earn money with facebook the 8 methods
I mentioned this above, but now is the time to clarify. You know that a lot of companies offer affiliate links to their services. This means that if you share these links, you will be rewarded and earn a commission on the sales it produced.

Affiliation is just the digital form of word of mouth. We sell much better through membership than through cold selling, as we say in the jargon.
Type in on Google, “best affiliate platforms” and I think you will find what you are looking for. But in affiliate, try to pick up some great offers. The ones that people like the best are the discount offers (yes!). You will be more likely to have affiliates with these discount offers and other coupons than if you let go of a simple affiliate link.

I would even say more: dropping your affiliate links all over the place won’t get you around. In order for people to click, it has to mean something to them, and if possible a win or a gift.

👌 For example, Ebates, Groupon, and Get-paid are popular sites because they are attractive in their affiliate programs.

Remember that you have a lot of affiliate programs like Amazon or even programs like Airbnb.

5. Participate in business contests

How many times have you seen competitions on Facebook or on the internet without taking your piece of the pie?

Most contests work on the same principle. The more you share, like the photo, the more likely you are to win.

Often times, we stop ourselves because we don’t want to spam our friends, but if it’s your secondary account, you’ll have less qualms. That’s not a reason to shield people’s walls with your links either, eh!

Many of these contests are free, so your only entry requirement is your time. Every gift is different, but you might be lucky enough to win Amazon gift cards, kitchen gadgets, or more. In any case, you risk nothing to try.

person using both laptop and smartphone

6. Create Facebook ads

Ah! There, we could write a whole book on the subject. Seriously. But, from a smaller perspective, you can advertise on Facebook without being a pro. The site is well suited to encourage ad buying. As soon as you publish a post, there is a flashing button to encourage you to pay for its promotion. Yes, these are marketing geniuses who work at Facebook.

By posting ads/advertisements on Facebook, you can reach people who are not following your page/profile. That’s a big advantage: reaching more people.

The huge advantage of Facebook ads is that you can target a specific audience based on their location, age, gender, and interests. You can also advertise to your followers and their friends if you want to too.

Advertising on Facebook is relatively inexpensive for paid ads since you can pick your target audience for just a few dollars. Besides, I recommend, especially if you’ve never done it before, to start with small amounts (like 5 euros), just to see how it works.

I could tell you to train yourself in Facebook advertising, but I’ve found that learning on your own is best. Each has its own methods and depends on a lot of things (on top of your item) so your best bet is to try it out for yourself. Just understand that launching your first ad isn’t what you are necessarily going to sell. The announcement will have to be sharpened later.

To finish this point, I really invite you to try it for yourself, because the more you learn how Facebook ads work, the more you can later sell this skill. Seriously, this is one of the most sought after skills today

computer screen displaying 4.7k

7. Become a Facebook Marketer

This is where I was going with this. If you are already good at advertising, I would say without a single hesitation to get started immediately. For example, I know a friend who tried dropshipping and it didn’t really work. The only thing he finally learned from his experience was how to manage Facebook ads.

Suddenly, he has now become a Facebook Marketer. He earns a lot more than he thought. He charges around 400 euros to each client by me to create and manage their ad.

Today is THE job to do online. It’s one of the highest paying jobs for digital nomads, even. To find customers who are looking for Facebook marketers, here are some tips:

Create an account on (Freelance platform in French)
Create an account on
Register on
You can also create your Facebook profile and Facebook Ad Expert page. You advertise and it’s a virtuous circle to find new customers.

8. Become a community manager

I end this list with the way – which I believe is the easiest and most accessible. It’s exactly the same as when you use Facebook personally.

Being a Community Manager on Facebook (or on social media in general) means getting paid to keep the page of a company that pays you for it. You will then need to share the posts, create them yourself, and get the most interaction with an audience.

earn money With Facebook as a community manager Do you think you can do it, sure, but you don’t have the graphic skills? Here I have something that’s going to drive you crazy. There is an online tool, called Canva, which is perfect for beginners and those without graphic skills.

Really, there are templates (pre-designed templates) where you just need to edit the text. Easy Peasy!

Getting the first customer won’t necessarily be easy, but as I always say on this blog: everything takes time!

Go to freelancer sites like 5euros, Fiverr, or and you will certainly find your first client.

Besides, more than Facebook, you can find even more customers if you add other social networks. Therefore, it may be a good idea to at least familiarize yourself with Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, or others.

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