How to Earn Money With Twitter in 2021

Become a Twitter Power User. No one with normal Twitter knowledge can make money on Twitter. You need to be able to get followers, use multiple accounts, and post interesting tweets.

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2Get marketing experience

. In order to monetize, you need to understand some concepts, such as internet marketing plans, lead generation, and affiliate marketing. You should have a website or resume that shows marketing and Twitter experience for those who are looking to outsource their Twitter account.

3Use Twitter for your business account.

Social media accounts are ideal for generating site leads. Use a lead capture strategy or send Twitter special offers, free content, or a free trial if the user clicks on a Twitter link and signs up for an account. Earn money by contacting these leads by email with product offers targeted to their interests.

4Use your blog and Twitter account to become an affiliate marketer.

Find products that people reading your blog would be interested in, and then contact the company to get an affiliate link to place on your website. Every 10-50 tweets you include the affiliate link in a Tweet with a special offer.
Affiliate marketing allows people who advertise their products on a website to gain a share in the sales of a product. Producers of the product have excellent advertising revenue, while affiliate marketers can expect a monthly allowance as a percentage of sales if the marketing is done right.

5Search for sponsored tweets via Internet search engines

. Many companies are looking for popular Twitter accounts to post advertisements for their products from time to time. Contact the company, make a monetary deal and start your pay-per-tweet venture.
Make sure you have a written agreement with the company and proof of the tweets you can send to them. Also, make sure you choose a range of sponsored tweets that don’t bother followers. If you lose followers, you lose sales potential and the contract could be canceled.
6Subscribe to sponsored tweeting through one of the new sponsored tweeting businesses

such as, Gazza, TwitPub, or Twitter. These sites aggregate companies that need to have sponsored ads to make them available to Twitter users. Sign up for an account, tweet an ad during the interval of your choice, and you’ll usually get paid through PayPal.

7Sign up at

This online publisher contacts people to write interesting articles, and then makes money via the ads in the side columns. It works based on a tiered schedule and the quality and clicks you get on articles or videos.

8Sell ​​your products.

Many people use Twitter to promote eBay auctions and crafts. You can just post a link on your Twitter account, and with a personal touch, you could get more offers.

9Sell ​​your own services on Twitter.

Many professionals use Twitter as a way to stay connected with other people in their industry. This new type of network allows you to develop relationships and partnerships, and put yourself on the market to get more work. If you feel embarrassed to promote yourself from your professional account, know that it is a very common practice. A little self-promotion can quickly lead to a new job.

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Don’t turn your Twitter account into an exclusive money-making account. Twitter is community-focused. If you stop tweets about funny, interesting, or engaging things, you lose followers and thus you lose interesting opportunities for professional development, and, ultimately, you lose the chance to make more money through Twitter.

An unsuccessful company has raised 130 billion won in sales at once with a single contract.

Volume sales through premium API

Users are probably unaware that their tweets are sold to search companies. If you look at the Twitter Help Center, you can see “Why is my Twitter profile appearing on Google?” As an answer to the question, they are giving the obsolete answer to change their name or nickname or apply to Google for deletion.

In fact, it is virtually impossible for Google or Microsoft to directly crawl the web and collect tweets. This is because of almost 80 million tweets per day, 1200 tweets per second.

In addition, since most of the users who view tweets are viewing through third-party programs (mobile or affiliates) that use data APIs, not the homepage, the distribution channel is more powerful than anything else.

In fact, it is said that they were receiving thousands of dollars each as a condition of increasing data API access to third-party companies that use APIs. When it is said that 30 billion tweets are released annually and that Google or Microsoft sells 300 billion won, it is estimated to be 10 won per tweet.

Google is receiving this data and frankly providing a better real-time search service than Twitter, but it is still unclear whether search alliances will be suicidal in the long run.

Open advertising tweets

Twitter has been selling “Promoted tweet” since April of this year and an advertisement product called “Promoted trend”. In a nutshell, tweets are paid for and sold and displayed at the top of the search or in trends.

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Although testing is still underway for selected advertisers, we believe that the number of advertisement products disguised as tweets will continue to increase in the future. The problem with the tweet advertising platform is that, as mentioned above, there are so many cases that it goes out from the data API, so it is difficult for Twitter to control it.

This is because even if you place promotional tweets in search results, users cannot see them if third-party programs remove them. Therefore, there is a high possibility that a kind of tweet advertisement ecosystem will be created through transactions that exchange usage fees and advertisements with companies using the data API.

Just as iPhone app developers become customers of Apple’s iAd, Twitter third parties can also be customers of ad revenue share. This is no exception to Google or Microsoft, which are large tweeters.

The problem depends on the market trend, whether companies view social media as a marketing channel or whether communication with customers will be smoother, but it seems that the atmosphere is getting ripe.

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Users and advertisers relays

In a crowded market, there will be a parasitic business everywhere. When the blog first opens, power (?) bloggers write advertisements and advertise tweets as an agent for sharing the revenue of advertisers.

Representatively, there are sites such as Magpie, Sponsored Tweets, and These sites commonly tweet advertisers’ links and get paid for their achievements. It can be received per tweet, based on the amount of RT or the number of clicks through the link.

Traditionally, such a relay business model is not easy to succeed. This is because Twitter is actually in the advertising business, as we saw earlier. However, the parasitic model that explicitly connects individual Twitter users and advertisers is also difficult to completely disappear.

It may seem absurd to those who use Twitter innocently, but it seems that everyone in the world has to make money and live, so it seems to have to be widely understood.

The advantage of Twitter lies in the nature of the platform on which this business model can be flexible. In other words, a flexible and loose social network model, a network with a large impact as a media, and a number of third parties through data APIs.

More importantly, it finds out the intentions of advertisers and users and links them to revenue.

Communication platforms have always been missing. Take AIM (or MSN Messenger) for example. The service, which had enjoyed an era, is now struggling on the Internet… Innocent thoughts such as communication platforms and news sharing should be abandoned… The way Twitter does sustainable business is through the use of “economics of intention”.

It is obvious that you cannot make money simply through emotional communication or information-sharing channels between people. If you don’t make money, it will interfere with the continuity of the service, and in the long run, it will harm users.

Even those who are dissatisfied with the way Twitter makes money after reading this article suddenly thought that it would be nice to see it with a more warm perspective.

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