how to earn money with Amazon in 2021

In the series of profitable online businesses, here’s how to make money with Amazon.
That’s a big question.

In this new article, I share with you 4 tips to help you generate income with Amazon. I no longer present Amazon to you. We buy a little of everything, we receive packages. We’re happy, but that’s not all.

It should be noted that Amazon was one of the first on the internet to set up the affiliation system. Basically, Amazon offers its partners/affiliates to recommend one of its products to a friend, acquaintance, or someone on the web for a commission. So you can earn money for recommending a product to someone.

AND in this article, I will show you four easy and very effective ways with screenshots.

First thing: register on the Amazon affiliate site
This is the URL for the Amazon Partners site.


Joining is free and you get direct access to Amazon’s affiliate program.

As soon as registration is complete, you can promote any product yourself on the Amazon site. As soon as you arrive in your member area, your search for any product and immediately you will have for each article of the result, the affiliate links for which you can promote. This can be the case for a book, a watch, an electronic scooter, etc. There is no limit.

How much can I earn with this?

Take the example of a connected watch sold for € 150. I can earn roughly 3% of the price of the watch so, with 3% or $ 150, you’re going to match $ 4.5 per sale.

To maximize your earnings, join the Amazon Cash Flow program

The advantage is that if you do more than once, you will be able to accumulate winnings.

So you see, there are really loads of types of products that you can promote and that is really great.

Second thing: How do you make money with this business? here are my methods
Method # 1: Start a blog to promote the products you want.

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The idea here is to choose a topic and build a blog around that topic and related products with your affiliate links. You can give your opinions on products, do comparative analyzes to promote your blog.

Because a blog is only useful when it is well referenced to bring in people who are looking for your products, Here is coaching to learn how to create a monetized blog with one of the SEO specialists on google.

Method N ° 2: Give your opinion on the products on video

The second way to make money with Amazon is to simply make videos featuring a product. So you are going to make videos posted on youtube.

Better, you will make a top of the products that you recommend. The technique is really simple: you will present your connected watch in a video, and in the description, you will indicate your Amazon affiliate link, specifying at the end of the video that the link is there.

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Method # 3: Give advice to people who ask questions on forums or Facebook to make money with Amazon

You browse the forums, Facebook groups, or others. Whenever someone asks a question, you help them respond by adding an affiliate link systematically. Every time someone clicks it to buy the item, well, you get a commission.

Method # 4: Asking Questions When Referring To Amazon To Make Money Online

You go to Amazon, you search directly for a product, and you get the product link. And what you’re going to do is go to Facebook in private groups. You’re going to paste your link and then delete it, so you don’t see that it’s an affiliate link. Then you ask the group members what they think of this book.

All the people who are going to click that link and buy something from Amazon within 24 hours are going to earn you a commission.

As you have seen, creating an Amazon Partner account and starting to earn commissions is easy.

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