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1. Google Digital Training

google online digital marketing courses
If you have not yet had the opportunity to learn more about the topic and you need to develop the first foundations in the sector, then Google Digital Training is certainly one of the best digital marketing courses to consider.

As you can understand from the name, this is a course promoted directly by Google and it is totally online.

Now I don’t want to bore you by focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of taking an online course rather than an offline, therefore physical, course.

I’ll just tell you to always have an eye on content on the web because they have the incredible potential of allowing you to study wherever and whenever you want.

This means that not only will you be able to better organize your life and your commitments, but also that you will not have to jump through hoops to move from one place to another, perhaps going crazy for parking or for the delay of various public transport.

You will have everything super tidy in one place: your PC, which you can access at any time of your day when it is most convenient for you.

Returning to the online course on digital marketing offered by Google, it is an excellent resource from which to start due to the variety and breadth of topics addressed in this sector.

group of fresh graduates students throwing their academic hat in the air

Some of the titles that we find inside are:

Start an online business
Be found online by customers
Promote an activity with online advertising
Expanding a business to other countries
Connect with customers on mobile devices
But much more too!

In particular, there is a course called “Basic concepts of digital marketing” which lasts 40 hours, contains 26 different modules and, in the end, also provides for the issue of certification.

In short, a great opportunity to get off to a good start, complete with a certificate to be included in your online curriculum!

But what is a negative aspect of this online course on digital marketing?

What characterizes it most, for better or for worse, is the basicity of the arguments.

This means that once you have built your foundations in this discipline, you will no longer be able to “climb” and therefore specialize in a specific subject and you will feel the need to start other courses that go deeper.

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2. Facebook Blueprint

online courses digital marketing Facebook blueprint
Have you ever heard of Facebook Blueprint?

This is a free online course on digital marketing offered directly by the most famous Social Network in the world: Facebook.

It refers to the entire universe of Facebook for Business, which is a series of courses created specifically to teach normal users (like you and me) to juggle and better manage platforms and tools such as:

Audience Network
Do not worry if some of these names are not known to you, because within the course you will find information on every single thing (and I can assure you that they are of great importance).

person holding and testing test tube

But why was I talking about Facebook for Business before?

The reason is simple: the notions you will learn in this course on digital marketing will not serve you for daily use of the platforms mentioned, the purpose is to use this knowledge to grow exponentially your business (or that of your customers).

Does the word “Advertising” tell you something?

This is advertising, in this case, we are talking about advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Well, you will be taught that too.

At the end, who else could explain how to advertise on Facebook if not Facebook itself?

Blueprint’s online courses on digital marketing are many and you can choose to follow the ones you like or need the most, without limitations.

There are also some exams to take to obtain the Blueprint certification, here are the qualifications that will be assigned to you if you can demonstrate that you have advanced skills in the world of digital marketing with Facebook products:

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Officer
Marketing Science Professional
Creative Strategy Professional
Advertising planning professional
Advertising space purchasing professional
Advertising product developer
The only flaw of this course is that it does not extend to the rest of the world that makes up digital marketing.

Let me explain: as I told you before, the lessons you will find will refer to everything that gravitates around Facebook, leaving aside the rest of the resources and knowledge that you should have to operate in this sector.

two gray battle jets

3. Coursera


Coursera is another very useful platform if you want to access a series of online digital marketing courses at almost no cost.

Let’s start from the beginning and analyze this resource in the best possible way: it is a US company, created by computer science professors from Stanford University and offers free university courses.

There are many universities and organizations involved, more than 190 in all.

Not only can you deepen the world of digital marketing, but also many other disciplines, such as:

Humanities disciplines
social Sciences
Computer technology
In short, you can range and enrich your knowledge in any way you want!

Before I was talking about “almost” free courses, let’s explain this concept well: the lessons are free, so you can follow them without problems and, at the end of these, you will also receive a certificate of attendance.

If, on the other hand, you want to obtain a certificate, payment is required both to be able to cover administrative costs and because, in that case, it would have an official character on the part of the issuing institution.

The cost of the certificate varies but generally does not exceed one hundred euros (obviously you will have to make sure of this based on the course chosen).

Not only will you be able to study all the online digital marketing courses that you find most valid or interesting, but you can also choose the language.

Currently, they are available in:

Also, in this case, everything varies according to the chosen discipline and the institution that delivers the lessons.

If, for example, you wanted to follow an online master’s degree in digital marketing from the University of Illinois, you may not necessarily find it translated into Italian.

4. HubSpot Academy

digital marketing online courses Hubspot academy
We could define Hubspot as a set of resources absolutely useful for any business.

In fact, first and foremost, HubSpot presents itself as a “supplier” of various software aimed primarily at marketing, sales, but also customer support, to facilitate the growth of a business.

As if that were not enough, in addition to all this, it also offers a completely free CRM, thus forming an all-inclusive service package.

Don’t know what a CRM is?

Well, CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management, and, in short, it presents itself as a system that facilitates relationships with customers, potential customers, but also with companies or individuals.

In short, a way to make these aspects that characterize your business more automated, fast, and simple.

But what if a person doesn’t know how to use these tools?

This is where Hubspot Academy comes into play: an e-learning platform in which there are various online courses on digital marketing, so as to train for free on these issues.

The goal is precisely to make people and their companies grow hand in hand, allowing them to enter the digital world and everything that follows.

Courses are in English, with translations available in German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Usually, the duration varies, from 2 to 13 hours per course, at the end of which there will be a test, necessary to obtain the certification.

All online courses are on digital marketing and deepen this discipline by examining other related ones, for example:

Inbound Marketing
Content Marketing
Inbound Sales
Lead Nurturing
And much more!

person holding pencil near laptop computer

5. start2impact

start2impact online digital marketing course
We are almost at the end of this blogpost and if you have kept your attention so far you will have noticed a feature that unites all the online digital marketing courses that I have mentioned.

They are perfect for starting, for building the foundations in the sector, but in addition to giving you this initial knowledge to approach digital marketing, they do not allow you to develop real skills.

What do I mean by competencies?

Skills are practical skills that develop not only from training but especially from experience.

They are usually called Hard Skills and are essential to get your job done.

I’ll give you an example: could you ever apply for an ad in which you are looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist, without knowing advertising, copywriting, email marketing, and so on?

Obviously not, because these (and many others) are key disciplines in the world of Digital Marketing and it is necessary to study them at best, from the right sources, developing a certain mastery to know how to juggle the various tasks.

To do this, it is essential to be able to put them into practice, otherwise, there will remain knowledge that will never turn into skills.

And here comes the fateful question: “how do I put into practice the knowledge learned in digital marketing courses

I too, like you, when I was starting out I was flooded with the same doubts.

I continued to study and study (the same courses I mentioned earlier) and, even though I saw that my knowledge grew over time, I still did not feel capable of taking over the reins of a company’s digital communication or a startup.

Do you know why?

Because I hadn’t had an experience.

And if I didn’t even know if I was able to do certain things, how could I guarantee this to a potential client?

I simply couldn’t, and in fact, I didn’t.

best digital marketing courses

All that time I did nothing but train, without ever having the courage to propose myself to someone and when I did, they always asked me for case studies in order to demonstrate the skills I said (and hoped) to have.

start2impact was the answer to any doubt or concern because theory, perfectly alternating with practice, allowed me to carry out dozens of projects in which I was able to ascertain that I was able to perform the required tasks.

This allowed me (and thousands of other students enrolled on the platform) to create a portfolio full of case studies to show at various job interviews.

In start2impact everyone can learn from the successes and mistakes of others, supporting each other.

Not surprisingly, regional meetups are organized every month throughout Italy in which Community Members meet and share ideas, experiences, and projects thanks to the power of networking!

There is an entire path to follow, at the end of which you can also propose yourself to companies that are in the start2impact network (more than 200 startups and large companies) and who can’t wait to hire guys with a great desire to do.

The skills developed will allow you to apply for the reality you most desire, even outside the network of startups and companies offered by start2impact.

Thanks to the outsourced theory, the online digital marketing path selects all the best free resources on the web.

This is done to avoid making you waste money. Everything is already on the internet and it is available for free, you just need to know how to orient yourself.

Entering start2impact means, in fact, taking responsibility: in this way, you will learn to be independent on the web and to understand from which sources to get the right information.

In the Digital Marketing Path on start2impact, you will learn more about different disciplines, including:

Social Media
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Email Marketing
Funnel Marketing
Data analysis
Personal Branding
And do you know what the most beautiful thing is?

That with a single subscription you will have the opportunity to follow all the other paths on the platform such as Web and App Development, Blockchain, Data Science, Startup, and UX / UI Design!

In short, you can vary and choose according to your personal tastes, approaching one discipline rather than another and finding, on the other hand, professionals ready to follow you all along the way.

In fact, the Practical Projects you will develop will always be corrected by expert Coaches who will show you, from time to time, what you are doing well and what you could improve on.

At the end of the digital marketing course you will get the title certified by the start2impact team which will attest to your skills, just like mine:

digital marketing course

With start2impact you will not only follow a simple online course on digital marketing, but you will live a real experience.

Suffice it to say that their mission is to train and inspire young people to improve people’s lives thanks to digital.

This gave me the goal of starting a Career in the Jobs of the Future and using the skills developed to find a job that has a positive impact on society.

Would you like to know more? Click here to understand how to start a Career in the Jobs of the Future with start2impact!

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