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Best income from “Google Docs” Free mobile App” | Work from home | Part time job | freelance | Real

Best income from “Google Docs” Free mobile App” | Work from home | Part time job | freelance | Real in 2021

How can use Google Docx in free in 2021

The Word online service is the best version of their internal version today. To take full advantage of all the capabilities of this office program, online Word editors will help users who refuse to work with this software online due to software or hardware errors. The article will discuss what are the most popular and reliable Word services today and how to use them.

Today, there are three best services that allow you to work with Word documents online for free. All of these allow you to view, edit, and convert Word documents into various formats (PDF, RTF, TXT, etc.).

Google Docs – Word editing from Google services

Google Docs is currently the best service for creating, editing, .doc and working with Word documents. Google Docs is one of the first online editors to make the interface and service easier to use. At the same time, its functionality is quite extensive, and the editor includes a set of tools that allow you to format text, correct errors in real mode, insert images, convert and export documents to other formats.


To get started with Google, you need to do the following:


Visit the online editor’s website.;
Select the desired format from the list of available document formats on the top panel of the service and left-click to activate the “Open Google Docs / Sheets / Presentations / Forms” window (depending on your choice);
A window will open showing a list of documents that can be viewed (or) edited, which we can open by left-clicking.
To create a new Word document, click on the “Add” icon in the lower right corner of the page;
A dashboard has opened, similar to the local versions of Microsoft Office software;
The document is saved automatically, and to download it, you need to click on the “File / Download Format” tab and select the format to save from the popup list.
In addition to standard features, Google Docs has its own features, such as “Sharing,” which allows you to edit Word files online with other users, get links, and set up login settings.

“Sharing” is done by opening the “File / Share” windows in sequence, then you need to enter the name of your project and specify the postal address of the users you plan to edit the document in the next window;
To get a link to print a file, you need to activate the “File / Publish” section step by step and select the “Publish” window in the window that opens, the link will be created automatically and can be used to print documents on external sources.
To configure access, open the “Access Settings” block in the upper right corner of the window that appears, click the “Advanced” tab and the “Access Level” block, click “Change,” and then select the desired protection level.
Microsoft Word Online – allows you to create and edit Word documents
Microsoft Word Online – a cloud package of Word programs with the same features and functionality as a similar local version. In addition, the online service implemented the ability to edit documents together.


To use the Word editor you need to register a Microsoft account … Registration is available at the following link –

Once you have created an account, you will be able to start using the service, so you will need the following:


Visit the Microsoft Word Online website –;
Select one of the tiles below the field menu;
If you are interested in other editors, click on the “See more” tab at the bottom of the panel;
After confirming the selection, the corresponding editor will open, which will perform all the functions of the standard Office suite;
To save the document, click the “File / Save As” button in order, where the file can be downloaded to the cloud service on OneDrive, directly on your computer in doc / PDF / ODT format, and confirm that you saved the desired option.
To start online editing, select the “Share” tab on the right side of the Word toolbar and enter the email address of the user you want to share the document with in the form that opens.

OpenOffice Writer is a great word processor

rollApp: OpenOffice Writer closes the first three online Word editors with this service. This is in contrast to the 2003-2007 interface analogy that is familiar to many users. To use the service, you need to register a rollApp account. For it:

Learn more about choosing the best cloud storage and connecting to it.

Now you know what online Word editors are and how to use them. We hope this article was helpful to you.

Google Online Connection. How to create Google Docs

Hello blog readers. Andrei Khvostov is connected. For successful management, it is necessary to use online services to transmit information.

If you are attending or attending a training course, it is a good idea to share information such as Google Doc, as you have abbreviated the report of your work in Google Dox or the name of the service. Read an article about the founder of Google about who provided these services.

Google Dox-based data cloud storage


At the core of “cloud,” technology is the ability to store and process information using server tools, and calculations can be viewed from the browser window.

One of the most popular services is Google Docs. . With its help you can create and modify documents.

This is a kind of network office. In addition, users can create Word documents online, edit documents online, and collaborate with different users online.

It runs in a web browser and does not need to be installed on a personal computer.

Creation of documents on the Internet
With the help of Google Doc, you can create word documents online, basic office documents in the usual way, or using templates to perform all the actions you know in Word.

This includes using arrow lists, sorting data by columns, creating spreadsheets, inserting images, writing comments, using formulas, various fonts, and everything related to office documents.

Google Docs online allows users to work with all popular file formats. In addition, the program supports the standard MS Office format.

Desktop on Google Doc is similar to Word
Same as dashboard icons. File sharing and collaboration with different users on the network.

Right to access the reference document
Edit documents online with other collaborators
You can view and edit documents at the same time as others. At the same time, your work will be secure and your data will be stored securely.

Online-Office can be accessed from anywhere in the world
You only need to have internet access. You can access your documents whenever and wherever you want, because Google Docs is available online, in other words, anywhere you can access the Internet.

Your data will be safe and your work will be saved
You can store your data online and it will be saved automatically so you don’t have to worry about your hard drive or power outage.

Save and export copies
You can save documents to your computer in a variety of formats.

Organization of their documents
You can easily find your documents and organize them into folders. You can create as many folders as you want, as well as Google documents, and access to them will be open only to you. You can also give others access to the document.

Publish your website
Access can be for yourself or for everyone
The document can be accessed all over the world, published only by some users, and only for yourself. (Deletion is always possible).

Transfer your blog posts
Once you have created the document, you can post it on your blog. These are not all useful features of Google Doc.

Get started with GoogleDoc

First, sign up to use Google’s services.

Google Dox account

To access the service, you must first register. Open Google, select “Login” at the top and another page will open, clicking on the “Create” link.

You will see the registration page.
Here you need to fill in the fields provided and keep your registration information in a safe place.

Sign in to Google Docs

So, since we already know what a Google document is, you can enter the Google page address in the browser’s address bar and click “Login”.

To log in to the system, you must enter the account information provided during registration.

You can enter Google Doc by clicking the “Service” button. When we click on “Disk”, a window will open.

How to create a document in Google Docs. Create a new online text document
To create a text document online, you need to go to the Google homepage located at and click on the Services / Details / Other Google Services field at the top right.

On the tab that opens, select the “For Home and Office” section. Select the “Documents” item there. You will see your Google Docs page.
Of course, if you create a new account, there will be no documents on it. Therefore, a new document needs to be created. Click the plus sign, the button is located at the bottom right.

A new text document will open and you can create it. It’s built like our usual offline office.

We use the same methods for entering, copying and pasting text, which can be obtained from the “Edit” menu, and can use keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V.

You can use the google docs online interface to format typed text.

In addition, this service has the ability to check spelling. You do not need to do anything to start them, this function is activated immediately.

All incorrect words are underlined with a red dashed line. To see the words that can be replaced, open the context menu of the word underlined with a dashed line and select the desired word.

Automatic text translation
It is also interesting to have an automatic translation of the generated document. To run, you need to select the “Tools” menu and “Translate Document”.

A dialog box called “Document Translation” will open, in which you need to enter the name of the translated document and select the desired translation. Of course, you should not expect high results from this translation.

Therefore, during the creation process, you can return the document to some state. You can view your change history in the “File” / “View change history” section.

An important advantage of such a service is that you can work on a single document. You may allow other authors to view and edit your document.

To give general access or access only certain people to the file being edited, you need to click on “Give Access”, this button is located at the top right.

The “Sharing Settings” dialog box opens, and you can use its controls to set access to the document you want to edit.

You can send the document you created as an email attachment. From the menu, click “File” and then “Attach to Email Message.”

You will see a “Send Message” dialog box where you will need to enter the recipient’s email address and text.

Additionally, you can upload documents created on your computer to your service provider’s server. Of course, it will then be possible to make changes online using this system.

Downloading a document to Google Doc
To download a document created on your computer, go to your personal page http docs google com, click “Download”, this button is located at the top left of the page.

Another menu will open, where you need to click on “Files”. You will then see a dialog box for selecting the download file.

In the next window, check the “Convert documents, presentations, etc. to Google Docs format” box. This is required so that you can make further changes to your file.

You can view all files created and uploaded from Google Docs. Use the context menu to sort, delete, and rename files.

You can download google docs on your computer.
Of course, the files created using the service can be used online, and Google Docs can be downloaded to your local computer for later editing in google docs offline.

To do this, use the “File” / “As Download” command.

That’s all there is to Google Docs text documents right now. If you need more information, you can get it from the help section. You can call for help using the “Help” command.

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