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What is content marketing?

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We all agree that content marketing is one of the most effective forms a startup can use. It costs less than traditional ad spends, it’s easier to measure, and it reaches a targeted audience while making you and your business experts in your field. Learn more about content marketing.
Content marketing is the creation and sharing of online content designed specifically to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. It can vary in format, from video or infographic to blog post or email. Content should be original, useful, and entertaining to showcase what your business has to offer. Relevant, high-quality content can be used to drive more traffic to your site. This is an essential element in attracting the right customers.

Why do businesses need a content marketing strategy?

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Internet users can visit your website for two reasons: to look for information about a product or service, or for information that can motivate them to make a purchase. The majority of brands with content marketing strategies in place achieve excellent ROI in a short period of time. The content must be of good quality, engaging, and have good visibility in order to successfully present products and services as THE solution sought by prospects. Engaging content can come in the form of blog posts, videos, or social media posts.

Content marketing also helps you develop a strong brand image. Well-researched and useful content will build your authority, as well as the confidence of your prospects, which will allow your website to generate more qualified leads and achieve more conversions.

Step 1: Determine who should be leading your content marketing

This question concerns the distribution of roles. You will need to consider who will be responsible for all content and who will be responsible for delivering each piece of content.
This will depend on the size of the business and the marketing team, as well as its ability to do everything in-house or the requirement to outsource all or part of the content production:

  1. Startup, 1 person marketing team, low to zero content marketing budget.
  2. Small business, 3 person marketing team, limited content marketing budget.
  3. The mid-sized marketing team of 9 people, the budget dedicated to content marketing.
  4. Large / Enterprise, 18-person marketing team, sizable content budget.

Here is an example of what the organization might look like:

The CEO or Marketing Director will have final approval for content and content strategy;
The Content Marketing Manager will also be responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the content marketing strategy and will work with the content team;

Each employee will create content based on their expertise.

Step 2: Hire for Content Marketing

If your business is operating at full capacity, how do you build a long-term content marketing campaign that covers all of your big issues, and gives your prospects the exact content they need without any disruption?

You can build a good team dedicated to effective content marketing if you exercise caution and methodology. Don’t recruit randomly. Be smart, work in stages, and let people play their part as the business grows.


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  • Research and presentation of content ideas;
  • Writing, editing, publication, and promotion of content;
  • Promotion of new content using ads, social media, and other methods to alert and attract new readers;
  • Optimization of site traffic using search engine optimization keywords;
  • Monitoring of responses and comments via the website, social media, or other platforms to better understand the audience;
  • Monitoring trends to attract new readers or create stronger, more engaging content.


  • Drafting experience;
  • Web research and communication skills;
  • Creativity, the strength of the proposal, and adaptability;
  • In-depth understanding of target audience and industry trends;
  • Proficiency in content management software, social media platforms, Microsoft Office;
  • Basic understanding of HTML and SEO techniques;

Long-form content creator

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  • Research topics related to the business of the company;
  • Prepare well-structured drafts using digital publishing platforms;
  • Create and distribute content marketing texts to promote the image of the company as well as its products and services;
  • Interview industry professionals and integrate their views into blogs;
    Edit and proofread articles written before publication;
  • Perform keyword research and use SEO guidelines to optimize content;
  • Promote content on social networks and monitor engagement (comments, reviews, shares, etc.)
  • Identify customer needs and recommend new topics;
  • Coordinate with the marketing and design teams to illustrate the articles;
  • Measure web traffic to content (conversion and bounce rate, etc.)
    Update websites when needed.


  • Proven professional experience as a content creator, copywriter, or similar position;
  • Practical experience with content management systems (WordPress in particular)
  • Excellent writing and editing skills;
  • Ability to verify long and detailed content elements;
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills;
  • Good knowledge of SEO.

Social media manager

space gray iPhone 6 with Facebook log-in display near Social Media scrabble tilesResponsibilities

  • Define and implement a global social media strategy;
  • Increase inbound traffic and promote the purchase of products;
  • Lead a team that creates social content and build communities;
  • Report on the effectiveness of social media using analytical tools;
  • Collaborate with the marketing and public relations teams to ensure that social media acts as an extension of the company’s overall marketing strategy


  • Proven experience in traditional, digital or social media marketing;
  • Passion for social media;
  • Knowledge of how social media works from a business perspective;
  • Creativity and force of proposal;
  • Have an excellent general culture;
  • Strong communication and writing skills.

SEO specialist

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  • Review and analyze client sites for areas that can be improved and optimized;
  • Preparation of detailed strategic reports;
  • Identify powerful keywords to generate traffic;
  • Conduct PPC campaigns;
  • Write powerful calls to action to convert visitors;
  • Embed powerful keywords on websites and other content;
  • Write effective SEO content for blogs, websites, and social media;
  • Develop link integration strategies;
  • Analyze the keywords and SEO techniques used by competitors;
  • Keep abreast of SEO strategies to meet search engine guidelines.


  • Proven experience in content marketing, content development, and SEO;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of search engine optimization practices;
  • Excellent ability to think creatively, strategically and to identify and solve problems;
  • Ability to work in a team and independently;
  • Good knowledge of Google Analytics;
  • Experience in website optimization tools
    Strong organizational, time management, and analytical skills.


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  • Plan concepts by studying relevant information and material;
  • Illustrate concepts by designing examples of layout, font size, and style, etc. and submitting them for approval;
  • Use the equipment and software necessary to finish the job;
  • Coordinate with external agencies, web developers, marketing team, etc .;
  • Contribute to the efforts of the team by completing tasks as needed;
  • Communicate with clients about layout and design;
    Create a wide variety of graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company
  • logos, and websites with software such as photoshop;
  • Review final layouts and suggest improvements as needed.


  • Experience as a graphic designer or in a related field;
  • Proven skills in graphic design with a solid portfolio;
  • Proficiency in desktop publishing tools including Photoshop, InDesign Quark, and Illustrator;
  • A great sense of visual composition;
  • Time management skills and ability to meet deadlines;
  • Understanding of marketing, production, web design, corporate identity, product packaging, advertising, and multimedia design;
  • Computer-aided design experience.

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