Digital marketing in 2021

Do you know the word “digital marketing”?

I think some people can understand the word marketing. However, when “digital” is added to it, I’m not sure … I think there are people who say that. In addition, there are various types of digital marketing such as listing advertisements and banner advertisements.

So, this time, I will explain what digital marketing is and what kind of marketing means there are.


1 What is digital marketing?
2 types / methods
2.1 SNS marketing
2.2 Email Marketing
2.3 App marketing
2.4 SEO marketing
2.5 Video ads
2.6 Utilization of IoT
2.7 Pay Per Click
2.8 Listing ads
2.9 Banner ads
2.10 Affiliate Advertising
3 Summary
4 citation
What is digital marketing?

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Digital marketing refers to marketing that utilizes digital devices such as smartphones and PCs and digital technologies.

By collecting, analyzing, and quantifying data from website browsing history, apps provided on smartphones, SNS, IoT, etc., it is possible to grasp what customers are looking for in real-time. By visualizing people’s interests and interests with data, it is possible to carry out accurate marketing in the optimal form.

Digital marketing is not limited to the world of websites, it is marketing that utilizes all the data and touch points that can be obtained digitally, and the decisive difference from web marketing is that the range of the world handled is extremely wide.

Type / method

From here, I will explain what kind of types there are and how to do it.

SNS marketing

The main measures are to use social media to disseminate information through the company’s account, communicate directly with users, and attract attention.

Since many people use SNS (Social Networking Service) frequently, it is one of the measures that companies use to increase contact points with users. By utilizing SNS and providing information and useful content unique to the company, marketing that creates empathy will be possible so that users will feel more intimate.

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A typical example of social media is

And so on. In addition, various data can be obtained by using analysis tools. The key to successful SNS marketing is to constantly improve your strategy, such as posting during times when there is a lot of customer response, based on that information.

There are two ways to utilize SNS marketing: creating your own account and sending information without advertising costs, or spending advertising costs to place advertisements on social media.

Email marketing

E-mail marketing is a method of promoting content, discounts, etc., and directing users to websites through e-mail newsletters and advertising emails.
There is an active approach that takes a personalized approach to passive website operations that wait for access from users.

For example, it is possible to send information on related recommended products by e-mail to users who have purchased products in the past, and to create an opportunity to repeat them.
Recently, the use of tools such as LINE and short messages is increasing.

App marketing

App marketing is a method of communicating with users and collecting and analyzing information through smartphone apps that are used as a target.

By using the “push function” that sends notifications from the app, you can send information directly to the user. By using it effectively, it is possible to maintain contact with each other continuously.

Recently, the range of utilization has expanded, such as sending notifications to users in a specific area using GPS.

SEO marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing is a method that aims to naturally attract customers to their website when potential customers are searching for information.

Optimize your website with the goal of ranking your website on search engine search results pages and thereby increasing the amount of traffic without spending money.

The important thing in SEO marketing is to analyze what keywords your customer base is searching for and to develop a keyword strategy. As a result, you will be able to appeal your company to a wider range of users by searching the Internet. In other words, you can attract customers based on the information they want.

Video ads
There are two main patterns of video ads.

The first is to post video content to video sharing sites (such as YouTube). It is called the in-stream method, and there are two types of advertising fee system: CPV billing (advertising unit price billing) method and full viewing unit price (CPCV billing) method (no charge unless the video is watched to the end).

The second is to display a video for use in TV commercials, etc. in the advertising space. Play video ads instead of images and text within the framework of traditional pure ads.

Since you can play the ad without having the user click it, you can appeal in real time rather than showing it on the linked page.
However, there is a possibility that you will have a negative image because the advertisement will be played instead of the video you want to watch. Even if you look at the advertisement to the end, you do not know whether the user will fly to the site, and it may be difficult to measure the effect.

Utilization of IoT

IoT stands for “Internet of Things,” or “Internet of Things.” This means that everything around you is connected to the Internet.

It may be helpful to imagine that the Internet connection extends to home appliances such as TVs, game consoles, air conditioners, speakers, and lighting. By increasing the points of contact with users, it is possible to collect and analyze behavioral data that was difficult to grasp in a wider range and in detail.

For example, digital signage (electronic signboard), which is often posted in the city, is one of them. Digital signage is a mechanism for transmitting information using displays in public spaces and transportation.
Compared to still images such as posters, digital signage is characterized by its high appeal with dynamic images. In addition to transmitting information, by using a touch panel that can be touched directly with a finger, it can be used for two-way communication such as providing information requested by users and listening to opinions.

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Pay Per Click

PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) is basically a method of spending money to attract customers to your website.
Increase traffic to your website by paying the company that runs your search engine for each click on your ad.

Since it can be displayed at the top of the search results, it can be displayed immediately in the position where the searcher can see it. However, it is necessary to set a certain bid price in order to become a high-ranking advertisement, and even if you operate an advertisement with a small amount, you may not get the effect commensurate with the amount you invested. Also, the more clicks you get, the more money you will have to pay.

Listing advertisement

It is a list-type advertisement written in text, but it mainly refers to the advertisement displayed on the search result page of the search engine.

Since it is possible to place advertisements related to search keywords, even words that are difficult to display at the top in SEO can be displayed at the top as “advertisements”.

Listing ads include Google Adwords and Yahoo! Listings in Japan.

Since you can advertise for keywords that you search spontaneously, you can approach targets that have a strong need among many online advertisements.
Also, depending on the bid amount and the quality of the advertisement, it can be displayed immediately, so it is attractive that it has an immediate effect compared to SEO, etc.

Banner ads

It purchases a fixed frame on the site for a certain period of time and displays advertisements with text, images, and videos. Since it is posted aiming at the exposure effect, it can appeal to potential people who do not know the product.

Since the slots are purchased for a certain period of time, you can expect a certain impression (advertisement display), and you can reach many users including those who are not yet well-known.
However, it costs money regardless of whether it is effective or not, and it may be difficult to improve CPA (cost per contract). In addition, the price of the frame is often expensive, and it is difficult to use it unless you have a reasonable budget.

Affiliate advertising

Have the link posted on a blog, website, e-mail newsletter, etc., and the advertiser pays the linked medium (affiliate) according to the results (request for materials, a membership registration, purchase, etc.) generated through the link. It is “performance-based advertising”. Efficient operation is possible because costs are incurred only when results are produced.

Many ads incur posting costs when impressed, but affiliate ads don’t incur costs just by being seen by the user.

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This time, I explained what digital marketing is and what kind of marketing methods are available. Digital marketing is not limited to the world of websites, but is characterized by a much wider range of worlds. With reference to the above, why not consider a digital marketing method that suits your business?

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