How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home

The development of modern technologies has made available not only information from all over the world, but also the opportunity to earn money – now, in order to receive income, it is not at all necessary to leave your home every day. It is enough to have a laptop and an internet connection. If even 10 years ago such an employment option seemed like something outlandish, today it has become a reality. In this article, I will tell you how a woman can make money at home. It can be either a permanent job or a part-time job. Even the option of official employment is possible – there are companies that register employees for remote work. Constant official work imposes certain obligations. But a part-time job or informal employment – makes it possible to completely shape your schedule yourself. See for yourself which option is closer to you

How a woman can make money at home:
How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
Before telling how to make money at home to a woman, I want to dwell on such a moment as self-organization. In my professional career, I have encountered female remote workers. Among them, there were also very good, responsible, and professional employees who successfully solved the tasks assigned to them. But there were those who could not do the work on time, constantly postponing the deadlines for the delivery of projects and in the end, everything collapsed.

This is due to the fact that remote work is not suitable for everyone – you need to be able to organize your time. By the way, a poor organization in no way depends on gender – there were also men who had similar problems.

Therefore, before deciding to work remotely from home, think about how you can cope with it, not be distracted by various tasks, idle chatter on the phone, and so on. And yet – proper self-organization does not mean that it is necessary to dive headlong into work and forget about everything.
Therefore, if you are sure that you can properly organize your time and work effectively, feel free to read the article further – it tells in detail what a woman can do to make money at home. By the way, we will talk not only about online but also about offline methods.

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1. Creation of websites to order

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
It is generally accepted that programming is the lot of representatives of the strong half of humanity. But today, many beautiful ladies are destroying the well-established myth by successfully competing with guys and men.

Do not be afraid – you can create custom-made websites at home without specialized education, without the ability to write code. How to do it? It’s simple – to get acquainted with the WordPress platform and build websites on its basis, getting paid for it.

This platform has a number of advantages:

ease of website creation;
the ability to add additional blocks;
extensions and plugins that increase functionality and usability, administration;
the design change, etc.
It is not difficult to learn how to work with the platform. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you attend my 4-day completely free workshop in which I will show you how to work with the WordPress platform. At the end of the master class, you will have your own website.

This training is a full-fledged, large-scale base, based on which you can develop in this direction and create custom-made websites, making money on it.

2. Maintaining a personal blog

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
The next way for a woman to make money at home is to run a personal blog. That is, you create a site not for someone, but for yourself, after which you fill it with articles, and when the number of readers increases, you will earn money on it. There are several methods of making money on a personal blog:

contextual advertising;
banner advertising;
placement of advertising articles, etc.
Remember! The higher your site’s position in the search engines, the more money you make. This is the foundation of blogging.
Our free SEO course on search engines will completely solve this issue. It is enough to undergo a short training and your earnings will naturally increase.
The main thing is to choose the right blog topic. It all depends on you and your preferences. I recommend picking a topic that you are best at:

cultivation of flowers;
and in general, anything you want.
All that remains is to prepare articles that are really interesting and useful for users. Submissions should be published regularly.

I also talk about how to create a blog and how to properly prepare articles for it, how to get the first hundred readers in the first few days during my 4-day completely free training. Sign up today!

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3. Copywriting

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
Interested in what to do for a retired woman to earn money? Try to master such a direction as copywriting – that is, writing articles for websites. This type of activity is suitable for both retirees and young ladies. In addition, no special education is required – for example, philological.

To become a copywriter, you need:

be able to write fluently;
be literate;
to write texts filled with meaning, and not just “pour water”.
Note! There are services that help in checking the literacy of articles – among them, Spelling, Glavred stand out.
And one more important condition – articles must be unique. That is, written by you with your own hand, and not individual sentences copied from different sources. The uniqueness of the articles is checked using special services:

Etkht and some others.
You need to insert your article into the service form and click the “Check” button. The acceptable indicator of uniqueness depends on the customer’s requirements, but often it should be at least 85%.

Note. Much depends on the subject of the articles. For example, in highly specialized medical or legal articles, where many terms and fixed expressions are used, it is rather difficult to achieve high uniqueness, and sometimes it is almost impossible.
How to make money at home for a woman, if you choose the direction of copywriting? Of course, find a customer. This can be done in several ways:

post your resume on job search sites;
create an account on specialized text exchanges (Ext, Text, Advego, etc.);
send a resume directly to the studio of SEO-website promotion – they constantly need authors;
or send a resume to information sites – for example, it can be women’s, travel sites, etc.
The level of earnings depends on your hard work, writing speed, and persistence. Of course, at first, you won’t have to rely on a high income, like any beginner in any business, but with the acquisition of experience, fees will also grow.

4. Moderation or content management

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
Another method for a woman to make money at home is to fill sites with articles already written by someone and decorate them with pictures. It is not uncommon for a content manager to edit texts sent for publication. In addition, you have to independently select pictures that exactly correspond to the topic of the article.

The job of a content manager is not so easy, but it allows you to generate income without leaving your home. Therefore, if you are thinking about what to do for a woman to earn money, consider this option.

Applicants for this position should meet the following requirements:

be able to work in the administrative panel of the site;
understand the topic of the site – that is, if it is dedicated to tourism, then it is advisable to have at least basic knowledge in this direction;
to be sociable and sociable – you need to constantly keep in touch with the management and copywriters preparing the materials.
Note! Knowledge of the administrative panel of the site is always a plus for the applicant. But many employers agree to take a newcomer and train him, of course, saving on labor costs – experienced specialists take a higher salary for their services. If you are offered a similar option, agree. Study, gain new knowledge, gain experience, and later find a higher-paying job in this area.
Knowledge of the basics and principles of SEO optimization and Internet marketing will be an advantage for the applicant.

By the way, regarding the level of wages – it can reach up to 20 thousand rubles (about 10 thousand hryvnia) for one project. It all depends on the severity of the project, the amount of work and the level of workload. If you are hardworking and can manage your time correctly, you can even lead two or three projects

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5. Writing term papers, theses, abstracts

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
The next option, what to do for a retired woman to earn money, is suitable for those who have a higher education. Its essence is to write for careless students:

test papers;
You should search for tasks on the text exchanges indicated in the previous sections – Etxt, Text, Advego and others.

Advice! I recommend working according to your profile. That is, if you are a lawyer, write papers for law students.
Earnings may not seem so high, but with the acquisition of experience you will be able to work much faster, and your income will grow significantly

6. Social networks

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
I continue to tell how a woman can earn money at home. A good option is to use social media. For example, try to organize your community, lead, develop it, and then make money from advertising. Of course, this option will not bring you instant earnings – it will take time until you promote your community and make it popular.

If you don’t want to wait or are not sure if you can create a group that is really interesting for users, we recommend that you pay attention to the following options for employment in a social network:

copywriter – write articles for other groups;
content manager – lead a group, publish articles, photos, communicate with users, etc.;
SMM specialist – this position involves the development and promotion of the group, increasing the number of readers, drawing up development plans, etc.
To become an SMM specialist, you need to undergo training – you can even do this remotely, in specialized courses

7. Earnings on Youtube

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
Another good method for a woman to make money at home is to run her own channel on the popular video hosting Youtube. You need to create your own account, and then publish videos on it.

You should choose a certain direction in which you will work – it depends on your skills, experience. For example, a channel might be dedicated to:

secrets of cooking;
peculiarities of growing flowers;
playing the guitar;
secrets of budget travel, etc.
To create beautiful and interesting videos, it is not at all necessary to have an expensive professional apparatus. However, today the requirements for videos have increased. Users are no longer interested in just looking at pictures downloaded from search engines in the video and listening to the boring voiceover of the announcer

8. Remote training via Skype or another similar program

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
Do you have any skills? Here is the answer, what to do for a retired woman to earn money! Deleted lessons. As an option – a foreign language.

You can also study remotely with students, teaching biology, mathematics, physics or other subjects. Or maybe you play the guitar well? I’m sure you will find students interested in music.

The amount of income depends on the number of hours devoted to work. Currently, the level of payment for one lesson is about 200 rubles (or 100 hryvnias). But graduates, masters, or people with other titles can take classes 5-8 times more per hour

Lady Boss

9. Information business

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
I continue to tell you how to make money at home for a woman and I want to offer such an option as an information business. The essence of his descent with the way of earning money described above, only he does not presuppose hourly one-time lessons, but a full-fledged course.

First, the course is compiled and recorded, and then it is distributed on the Internet through its own website, page on a social network, advertising, or partners. The subject of the course may vary depending on your skills and abilities. The most demanded directions today are:

personal growth;
Doing Business;
health sector;
foreign languages;
internet marketing and some others.
How successful your project will depend largely on the quality of the material and the specifics of its presentation.

Note! Here you cannot do without initial investments. First, you need to create a course, and then promote it – this requires money.
The level of competition in the information business is constantly growing and today it is extremely high. So you need to create something really unique that will win the audience.

10. Trade

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
The next option for a woman to make money at home is trade. This is not necessarily about creating an online store. Trade can be organized through a page on a social network:

Instagram, etc.
Or choose a separate product and specialize in it – but for this, I recommend creating a thematic landing page.

Where to buy goods? The easiest way is in China!

11. Translation services

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
You are already retired, you can’t find a decent job, and you don’t want to wash the floors in the supermarket? But do you have higher education and do you know a foreign language? Then I will tell you what to do for a retired woman to earn money – to provide translation services.

Today there are many translation agencies that work with translators remotely – they send tasks by e-mail. You also need to send it. Earnings depend on the number of transfers made! But first, you have to pass a test task.

12. Professional services

How a woman can make money at home: 30 options for working from home
If you are an expert in your field, but do not want or cannot go to work in the office, provide services at home. For example, you can work via the Internet or receive clients/employers at home (as a last resort, occasionally go to their office).


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