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How to speed up the metabolism has become an obsession for many people. It is almost a mantra that acquaintances, friends or even health media repeat. Fitness specialists have made it a popular hashtag. It is what we would call “a best seller.”

Why is it so fashionable to talk about metabolism? Because the only way to lose weight is by burning more calories than you consume. And in this equation many people focus on speeding up the metabolism to lose weight.

However, there are many myths about it. Let’s now discover the truths, what is scientifically proven and known.

What is metabolism?
Metabolism is a set of natural chemical reactions that take place within the cells of our body. Thanks to metabolism we obtain energy to perform our vital functions.

Through this process we transform food into energy that our body uses for all kinds of activities. These include everything from spontaneous processes like the heartbeat to more complex issues like walking, running or studying.

Due to the contrast that the cold supposes, cryotherapy has emerged as the only non-invasive treatment capable of accelerating metabolism. By making the body require to consume more calories to warm up.

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According to Dr. Ursula Crabtree Ramírez, a clinical nutritionist with a long professional experience in weight loss: “How to accelerate the metabolism in a natural way? Working a good muscle mass and a balanced diet throughout the day. “

So let’s look at each of these axes independently.

Many studies support that building good muscles is the best way to speed up your metabolism. This is because 40% of the mass of an adult man and 30% in the case of women are muscles. And muscles burn up to 3 times more calories than fat.

Physical exercise is therefore our best ally to accelerate metabolism. Aerobic exercises will help us burn a lot of calories while we practice them. But the anaerobic will be the ones that help us to strengthen the muscles and maintain a higher energy expenditure during the day.

The recommendation of the specialists is to perform aerobic exercise for 20/30 minutes every day. After this anaerobic exercise for muscle groups. We can make a group every day with resistance.

The exercise in which in 15 repetitions you reach between 80 and 90% of your fatigue threshold is usually considered anaerobic. These exercises do increase your basal metabolism to the extent that they strengthen muscles.

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The food that accelerates the metabolism is the one that is distributed correctly during the day. It is important to respect quantities and schedules. As well as balancing portions of protein, fat and carbohydrates. All these groups are necessary for a healthy life and a correct functioning of our body.

The recommendation of the specialists is to eat three important meals a day. These must be balanced in proteins, natural fats and hydrates. And two snacks in between. Preferably fruits or vegetables.

Now fasting has become fashionable as a method to lose weight. It is true that if we do not consume nutrients our body will begin to consume accumulated ones. We run the risk of starting to consume muscle.

With fasting we will lose weight, but our metabolism will slow down. If you are thinking of doing this practice, our advice is to go to a specialist and get regular studies. The risk of suffering from some diseases such as diabetes increases considerably.

Also, why suffer if you can enjoy eating and losing weight?

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Many of the myths related to metabolism have to do with burning fat and losing weight. Some are even good eating tips but they won’t make your metabolism race.

Let’s look at the most common myths:

1.- Eat certain foods to speed up metabolism

Juices to speed up the metabolism, coffee, green tea or even some chili peppers. They are fantastic foods that can help you in a balanced diet. But its consumption does not directly affect a change in your metabolism.

It is better that you choose your foods for the nutritional values ​​they contain and the taste. If you have doubts about it, do not hesitate to go to a specialist nutritionist.

2.- Sleep speeds up the metabolism

The number of hours spent sleeping does not directly affect metabolism. It may be that if you don’t sleep well, you gain weight, retain fluids, and your body does not recover to its fullest. But if you sleep 10 hours a day your metabolism is not going to turn into a “super fat burner”.

3.- Eating many “mini meals” speeds up the metabolism

Although fasting slows down the metabolism, eating many times does not directly speed it up. The good thing about orderly distributing food during the day is that you calm anxiety and thus avoid excesses. Also, if you prolong the hours of digestion, your stomach works longer and… burns more calories.

4.- When you get older your metabolism will slow down

Many older people suffer from slow metabolism. But it is not a direct consequence of age. It is rather because of the sedentary lifestyle. Metabolism slows when you lose muscle and increase your fat.

Older people who are active can have a perfectly functioning metabolism.

5.- Stopping dinner is good for your metabolism

There is no scientific evidence in this regard. The recommendation is to balance nutrients between all meals of the day and not skip any. Avoiding heavy dinners does help you sleep better and not accumulate fluids but … that is not metabolism.

6.- Thin people have a faster metabolism

Well not always. We should know how much each person consumes in food and how many calories he spends daily. A slim person surely has good acquired habits but we don’t know anything about his metabolism from the diameter of his waist.

7.- My metabolism is like this, I can’t change it

There really are things you can do to improve your metabolism. Have you tried changing your eating habits? And your physical routine? Yes, yes … physical activity is very important for you to change this belief.


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