How to Earn Money With Linkedin in 2021

45 ways to monetize with LinkedIn in 2021

LinkedIn is the number one social network for professionals, and it’s a great social network that you can use to generate income in many different ways. Browsing the internet you will find a lot of posts on how to create your profile, create a company page, and generate traffic to your website, but not many deals with the topic of how to generate extra income and that’s why I decided to write this post. Here are 45 ways to monetize with and white letter b


# 1 Grow your mailing list

Everyone knows that a contact list is very important, especially if you are selling your own products and services or affiliate marketing products. Here are some ways you can build your LinkedIn mailing list:

Create a LinkedIn group around an interesting and relevant topic. You can send new group members a message using a custom welcome template when they join and another one a week. Grow your mailing by using the welcome message and email announcement to promote free content giveaways, webinars, and instructional sequences to increase group members and therefore your list.
If you can’t convert members of your LinkedIn group to your mailing list, just remember to copy the emails of the most important members to your list every week (if possible) and send them a weekly newsletter for your group.
Add your free gift (e-book or a report for example) in the publications section of your LinkedIn profile and request an email where you can send the gift.
Do not directly add your LinkedIn contacts to your mailing list. LinkedIn does not offer the ability to export your contacts’ data so that you can add them to your mailing list without their holding tablet computer

# 2 Selling Infoproducts

If you’re looking to sell your information, LinkedIn can be a great place to do it. Here are some ways to use LinkedIn and get people to come to your sales page and convert into a customer.

Create a free post. Free training videos, white papers, reports, and ebooks are an easy way to get new leads into your sales funnel. Share a link to your landing page with your LinkedIn connections and groups.
Invite people to a webinar. Promising free webinars, valuable education (even if people know a sales pitch is coming to an end) are also easy to promote for LinkedIn connections and groups.
Offer discounts for LinkedIn. People love the idea of ​​saving. Create a special discount code for your new product and share it with your LinkedIn connections and groups.
Add your new product in the projects section of your LinkedIn profile. The projects and publications section of your LinkedIn profile are the only ones that offer the possibility to link directly to your website.
Take advantage of the promotion section of the groups in which you are a member and whose members would be ideal buyers of your information products.
Find and connect with influential LinkedIn members in your niche (e.g. for storytelling – Rudy Bandiera) to see if they are willing to write a review or become an affiliate of your info product. Look for profiles with many recommendations and many connections, (to find out how many connections a profile has you can use a google chrome extension called the LinkedIn Connection Revealer) as they will likely be the people others look at or rely on for advice.
Do you know of similar products that are offered through a group on LinkedIn? Find that LinkedIn group. Even if you are not a member of the group, a list of the members who are part of the group will be displayed. Get in touch with them to see if they can potentially be interested in your info product as well.

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# 3 Selling physical or digital products

Does your business sell physical or digital products? Here are some ways to use LinkedIn to increase sales.

Take advantage of the products section of your LinkedIn company page. Create different product listings on your business page and make full use of the options LinkedIn makes available to you such as banners so that visitors can click and land on your landing page, a commercial or educational YouTube video and a section where people can contact you for more information.
Encourage people to give a product recommendation by adding the recommend button to your product page. This will increase the confidence that first-time visitors to your page will have in your products and offer.
Add an educational presentation or video as a supporting element to the summary section of your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that the call to action associated with the video has a strong call to action and a link.
Participate in discussions within groups whose members are more likely to buy your product. Answer questions publicly or privately when an answer could lead to a sale. If you are an active member of the group and also known by other members, it will not even be necessary to “sell in a classic way” but the sale will be soft and social, the flow from interest to final purchase will be faster and more painless.

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# 4 Offer services

Freelance writers, web and social media consultants and other service providers can use LinkedIn to connect with businesses that need their services in the following ways.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to be discovered by those who want to hire you. Add primary keywords (SEO consultant, freelance writer, etc) for your profile title, current and past job titles, summary, skills, and other areas. This will increase the likelihood that someone will find you in LinkedIn search results.
Add skills to your LinkedIn profile. In this way the people who know you will validate them by increasing the social value of your profile and your skills.
Take advantage of the services section of your LinkedIn company page. Create ads for each of the services you offer and make full use of all LinkedIn features, once again banners that link to your web page, video testimonials, and a section where people can contact you for more information can come in handy.
Define your ideal client (industry, interests, etc.) and join groups where you can meet your target audience, for example, real estate groups for those who want to promote their real estate marketing service. Being knowledgeable and helpful can lead to job offers, and sharing a group with another member allows you to send them a message directly without needing a premium membership.
If you don’t want to expect a message from your prospects, write them a message when they ask questions in line with the service you offer. If you offer the creation of Facebook pages as a service and someone asks how to create a Facebook page, answer their question with some basic steps publicly and privately inform them that you also offer this service and that if interested, you can provide more information.
Join groups of free service providers. These are not your direct competitors, but rather people who may need your help from time to time. For example, you may need a graphic designer for an SEO who needs to create an infographic for another client. Network with these people in the group and the next time they need a hand or help them with their clients they might ask you for help.

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5 # Increase Ebook Sales

Are you selling your ebooks through Amazon or through your website? Here are some ways you can use LinkedIn to increase sales.

Tell your contacts when you publish a new book. You can do this by sending them a personalized message for each of your contacts (recommended) or by sending private messages to up to 50 contacts. Message influencers blogging to get an interview for people to write about you and your new book on their blog.
In your LinkedIn profile, in the “Publications” section of your profile, add your books and ebooks. The best part of all this – is the ability to include a link to your books on Amazon or on your site so that people can purchase your books through these links.
Join and participate in groups relevant to the topic your book is about. Monitor the discussions to take the right opportunity to remind other members of your book. To avoid sounding like a spammer, you can use the private reply, thus allowing other group members to ask questions about your book and receive further comments and visits.
Create a video trailer about your book. Add the video to YouTube and add it to a media item in the summary section of your LinkedIn profile.
Write an interesting post on your blog about the book. Make sure you add the LinkedIn share button to your post and share it with your LinkedIn contacts via a status update.
Define your ideal audience and create an advertising campaign for LinkedIn users that match your target.

# 6 Find sponsors or advertisers

If you advertise on your website or sponsor events organized by your company, LinkedIn allows you to find potential candidates.

Keep an eye on the banner ads on LinkedIn. Some of the companies that appear may be interested in advertising on websites or willing to sponsor your professional events.
Use the LinkedIn search page to find potential sponsors r the LinkedIn search page to find potential advertisers and sponsors. You can narrow down the results by industry, company size, location and other criteria.
Find the right people to contact in businesses that interest you by searching through employees on LinkedIn. If it’s a small business, you can browse until you find the right contact who can help you. If not, it might be a good solution to purchase a premium account so you can use the advanced search and InMail options.

# 7 Promote affiliate products

If you are using Affiliate Marketing to generate income online and write great reviews, there are some ways to promote yourself on LinkedIn and increase your affiliates.

Share your posts with reviews as answers to relevant questions within groups. For example, if someone asks which is the correct WordPress theme to use for a particular sector and you have a post that compares the different premium themes (with affiliate links), it is a great opportunity to share posts. If the group does not allow links, reply to group members privately.
If you have your own group, be sure to email them about new reviews on your blog and any other links of interest (e.g. special campaigns, discounts, rewards, gifts, new product launches, etc.) that members may be interested in.
Don’t have any publications? Use the Publications section of your LinkedIn profile to link it to your latest post with comments and reviews from other users.


# 8 Find a job

Don’t have the startup of your dreams yet? Are you simply looking for a job? No problem. LinkedIn can help you find your dream job and do what you love. That’s how.

If you are looking for a specific type of job, adjust your LinkedIn profile to impress potential employers who are looking for profiles similar to yours. Aim to amaze them already from the summary section of your LinkedIn profile, by talking about your passions, your experience and the results you have achieved in the different job positions you have had in the past. Also use the media elements to add examples of past projects, recommendations, and other potentially interesting content.
If you have a lot of confirmations for your skills related to the job you want, report them at the end of your summary section. This can be very important especially for all those junior profiles who do not yet have much experience, specializations, or recommendations.
Consider purchasing a premium LinkedIn account if you’re looking for a job. Your applications will be first on the list and you will have a premium icon on your profile. You will have access to LinkedIn’s advanced search options that will allow you to refine your job search.
Do you want to work for a particular company? Follow their company page on LinkedIn and comment on their updates. See if they have a group on LinkedIn, join and participate. Keep an eye on the Careers section of the company page and in the Work section on their group to see if they have open positions.
Professionally stalk decision-makers within companies. Through the company page, look at the profiles of your 1st and 2nd-degree connections. Visit their profiles to see which groups they are subscribed to, join the groups, and start participating in order to get noticed.
Join LinkedIn recruiting groups and demonstrate your experience in front of people who can increase your chances of getting a new job.

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# 9 Use Linkedin Ads

If you have some money to invest, LinkedIn Advertising can allow you to increase your customers in several ways that we explain below:

Create an advertising campaign. Use the targeting options to grab the attention of different LinkedIn user profiles. For example, if you provide a guide to Twitter, you create targeted “Twitter for entrepreneurs” and “Twitter for SMEs” ads. Directing your visitors to a landing page that matches your ad text will greatly increase your chances of conversion.
Create an advertising campaign with the aim of engaging a specific demographic target of customers for your information product. Invite potential customers to register for free and convert them into customers, creating a sense of urgency with a specific offer for a limited period of time.
Create an advertising campaign aimed at a specific customer demographic target for your physical or digital product. Include a discount code, the results that can be obtained or another product that may interest them in order to accompany them until the conclusion of the purchase.
Create an advertising campaign aimed at the businesses and people most likely to need your skills. Summarize in one sentence the benefit the employer will get once hired.
LinkedIn ads cannot be used for affiliate marketing according to its guidelines. While it may seem like a good idea, don’t do it. An alternative solution may be to refer to another link. For example, you can advertise a free course on building a website with WordPress with a deadline for new users. Within the post, add affiliate links for companies that offer online services to SMEs, themes, tools, plugins, ebooks and premium courses.
Create an advertising campaign targeting employees of companies potentially interested in your profile so that they know that you are looking for your new dream job. You might think about creating a custom landing page where you invite them to hire you.
summing up

As I have shown you, there are many ways to make money on LinkedIn. Do you have some tips and additional strategies you use to make money through LinkedIn? If so, share the article and leave us your comment!

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