How to Earn Online with mobile in 2021

Let’s analyze together which are the best apps on iOS and Android to earn free money easily and without any registration!

We have all wondered at least once if there is an application that allows you to earn money over time. This is indeed a rather peculiar theme, given that the iOS and Android smartphone stores are full of apps that apparently claim that this is possible, but in reality, not all of these applications reflect what they claim, which actually proves to be a classic leak. of time. However, there are some apps that allow you to scrape together something, but certainly, all this requires patience and the gains are not very high. So let’s see what are the best apps for earning free money through the use of iOS and Android devices.

Warning: tuttoteK and the author of this article do not assume any responsibility for the use of the apps in this guide, which is for information purposes only.

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Best Free Money Earning Apps | February 2021

Best apps to earn free money:

Below is our ranking of the best apps to earn free money through iOS and Android smartphones. We remind you that this list will be updated on a monthly basis to offer the best possible information on the subject.

Toluna – Best free money making apps

Toluna is an application that allows you to earn for free by responding to surveys of all kinds. In fact, you can answer quick questions, but there are also real market analyzes, which are frequently offered by numerous companies. Available for both iOS and Android, Toluna requires the creation of an account, as you have to accumulate points which will then be converted into Amazon, Alitalia, iTunes, Zalando, Mango vouchers, and even PayPal top-ups.

Best Free Money Earning Apps | February 2021

Warning: if desired, you can also connect your Facebook profile to Toluna, thus speeding up the creation of the account.

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High Opinion – Best Free Money Earning Apps

In second place in our ranking, we find a site to earn money through surveys: it is High opinion. Unlike Toluna, High Opinion is not an app, at least not for the moment, but it’s a real website, which means it can be accessed from any PC, smartphone, or tablet that has an internet connection. Another detail not to be overlooked is that this page does not allow you to top up your PayPal account, but at the same time offers Alitalia, Amazon, Mango, and Zalando vouchers.

Attention: also in this case it is necessary to create an official account, entering your personal data, in order to redeem the desired voucher. To connect to the page and register, you can click here.

ByMyEye – Best Free Money Earning Apps

Another app that is certainly very useful is ByMyEye, which offers rewards to all those who complete some “missions”. In other words, with this application, it is possible to receive real money by simply completing activities, which can be for example the search for a product at the supermarket or the confirmation of a street in your city. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices and, of course, requires registration to connect your PayPal or bank account.

Best Free Money Earning Apps | February 2021

Attention: in order to participate in a mission, you must book by selecting the “Book” button in the list of activities. Once booked, the mission can be viewed on the “Booked” screen. Of course, if for any reason you decide to give up, you can cancel the reservation by clicking on “Renunciation”, visible in the list of booked activities.

TiFrutta – Best app to earn free money

Continuing our ranking, we have the TiFrutta app, available on both the iOS and android store. This application consists of receiving cash compensation by shopping, which is quite useful. To do this, you need to create your own profile and then send a photo of the shopping receipt. Furthermore, on the main screen, there is a list of products which, if purchased, are converted into vouchers. Once the minimum threshold has been reached, you can request the transfer of money to your PayPal, BancoPosta, or current account.

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Warning: currently this application seems to be downloadable from the stores, but it doesn’t work.

AppJobber – Best Free Money Earning Apps

AppJobber is an application very similar to ByMyEye, as it allows you to receive money through the completion of activities. The substantial difference is that it is an app that allows you to do a job even regardless of your geographical location, which can be an advantage if there may not be many missions in your area. AppJobber is available for both iOS and Android.

Foap – Best Free Money Earning Apps

Another really nice app is Foap: it is in fact an application that offers rewards based on the quality of the photographs sent. Here you can upload photos taken of your own will, but you can also complete missions, at the request of companies. In the first case, each photo will be evaluated and a score will be attributed to it, while in the second case the regulation provided with the description of the company activity must be respected.

Attention: Foap is available for both iOS and Android and requires registration for the reward on your PayPal profile.

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Sales App – Best Free Money Earning Apps

Finally, we would like to point out other apps, certainly well known, which offer the possibility of earning money by selling personal items: among these, we have eBay, Kijiji, and Shpock. They are all applications available for iOS and Android devices, so just install them on your smartphone and, after registering, you can sell anything. This means that it will be necessary to create an ad, including the description of the product and some illustrative images, in order to facilitate the buyer to choose your product rather than that of another seller.

Good fun!
The guide on the best iOS and Android apps to earn free money end here. We remind you that for any problem we are available through the comments box below. Also, we recommend that you take a look at our guide to the best free and paid antivirus since the web is full of dangers and PCs are not always able to neutralize the enemy attacks of the computer world!

“There is an app for everything”: how many times have we heard this phrase? And it’s really true, there really is an app for every type of business: there are apps to create to-do lists, apps to organize our calendar, and apps to meet new people. What if there were apps to make money?

Well, the answer is simple, there are! On the other hand, there really is an app for everything.

The mobile market is constantly growing, and every year we spend more and more time on our smartphones. Why not use some of that time to earn?

On the other hand, you already do everything from your smartphone. You check your bank account, pay your bills, chat with your friends. What if I told you that there are apps to earn that would allow you to have an extra income?

It may sound too good to be true, yet it is! Of course, none of these earning apps will make you rich overnight, but you can certainly find the earning app that suits you and your lifestyle that will ensure you some extra income that is always convenient.

In this article, we will see how to make money with apps, how apps to make money work, and which are the best apps to make money.

What are you waiting for then?

How do money-making apps work?

There are different types of earning apps available for both Android and iOS. The first thing to pay attention to, however, is that it is a reliable earning app.

Nobody gives anything away in this world, and it is clear that many of these “easy money” solutions could turn out to be scams.

But if you assume that earning apps do not make you rich in one day, but offer you the opportunity to supplement your salary, then you will surely find the app that suits you!

There are many types of apps to earn, there are apps that offer compensation in exchange for surveys, apps to earn by walking, and also apps that allow you to find a job – more or less demanding – and apps to earn by selling your personal items.

So let’s see what are the 15 best apps for making money.

Best apps to make money

Let’s see what are the 15 best apps to earn real money.

# 1. BeMyEye

app to earn bemyeye
As they themselves say, BeMyEye is an app for “earning money in your free time”.

Once you have downloaded the app, you just need to collect some information using your smartphone at the stores closest to you, and the company will provide you with a cash reward.

Within the app, you will be able to view the available missions, and next to each mission the value of the cash reward and the time required to complete it is indicated.

If there is a mission you wish to carry out, book it before someone else does. Google Maps will suggest the quickest route to get to the store in question, and once you arrive you will just have to follow the instructions within the app.

There are different types of missions available, you may need to take photos of shelves, talk to shop staff or photograph billboards.

Once the missions are completed, your reward will be credited to your account and you can transfer the funds to your bank account or PayPal.

#2. Sweatcoin
app to earn sweatcoins
Sweatcoin is an app for making money while walking. It pays you to walk (or run) for as long as possible, and ranks high among the most downloaded fitness apps in the world.

“Sweatcoin” literally means the coin of sweat, and that’s what it is.

After downloading the app, you only need to register and activate the geolocation function. That’s it – now you just have to start walking!

Every 1000 steps you will earn a Sweatcoin, which you can spend in an online store linked to the platform, where you can buy everything: audiobooks, gift cards, gadgets, technological products and more.

# 3. Jobby
app to earn: Jobby
Jobby is an application that offers ideas for a second job. In practice, it allows you to work by carrying out small one-off activities: from delivery, to leafleting, to collecting information.

Each jobber has his own profile with hard and soft skills: a kind of miniature LinkedIn! Both workers and clients are subject to review: at the end of the service, in fact, it is possible to leave a review to let other users or other employers know how it went.

Interestingly, people who work through Jobby are covered by accident and accidental damage insurance – a step towards protecting workers.

# 4. Appjobber
appjobber app to earn
Appjobber is an application for earning money similar to BeMyEye. It allows you to earn real money by completing micro-activities.

The activities, called Jobs within the platform, are published on the map at each address. The app will send a notification to nearby Jobbers whenever new Jobs are available.

The first available Jobber will complete the Job, and the Appjobber staff will proceed with the verification and acceptance of the results.

Clients also have the possibility to monitor the results, and will receive a detailed final report at the end of the project.

# 5.
immediately mobile app
What better way to use an app to make money than to choose an app that allows you to sell your personal items? is not just a website, it is also an application for making money that allows you to easily sell any type of object to people in your area.

This earning app is not only extremely simple to use, it also allows you to free those old boxes full of stuff you haven’t used for years!

After downloading the application, simply register and click on Insert to start creating your first ad. Specify the category of the item you want to sell, upload photos and fill in the relevant fields.

Once the procedure is complete, all you have to do is wait for an interested user to contact you to buy your product!

# 6. Depop
Depop: buy, sell, discover and share. Their slogan says it all.

Depop is a marketplace that allows you to sell using only your smartphone. Mainly, this earning app is about selling second hand clothes and accessories, but that’s not all: you can also sell comics, art productions and more.

In practice, Depop was created to allow you to empty the closet while earning some extra money.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will first need to make sure you have a PayPal account. Once your profile is activated, selling is extremely simple.

Just take a picture of the object you intend to sell, but avoid taking trivial shots, try to enhance your object and make it better. Then you just have to add a description and set a price.

And you will just have to wait for some interested buyer to contact you to finalize the purchase!

# 7. Fiverr
Among the apps to earn, you cannot miss that of Fiverr: the largest freelance services marketplace in the world, which allows you to find any type of service for your business, with prices starting at just $ 5.

Fiverr allows you to work as a freelance, create a profile within which you can sell your Gig, or your services, and earn by choosing your times and pace of work.

Working as a freelancer is particularly comfortable in this period, so this is an opportunity that you cannot miss.

Once you have downloaded the app, sign up for free and start creating your Gig. Whenever you receive an order from a buyer, be sure to communicate with your customer to perfectly understand their needs.

Deliver quality work, and get paid. Nothing simpler!

For now, the app is available in English, German, Spanish and French, but will soon also be available in Italian and other languages.

# 8. LiveQuiz
livequiz app
LiveQuiz is the live quiz where you win real prizes! It’s a game, yes, but it’s also a fun and interactive app for making money.

It is a prize game that allows you to test your knowledge and reflexes, and to earn real prizes. The questions cover history, literature, science, math and much more.

Participating is extremely simple. Once you have downloaded the app, access one of the two daily live quizzes. Answer in 10 seconds by choosing the right alternative from those proposed, guess all the answers and win the daily prize!

9. Foap
Foap is a great app for making money selling your original photos and videos, dedicated to photography enthusiasts.

To use Foap you also need to have a PayPal account, because that’s where you will be credited with the money for the photos you sell.

After downloading the app, you can directly start uploading your photos. Obviously, in order to make money with this app, the photos must be of quality and be able to capture the attention of users interested in purchasing.

# 10. YouTube
earn with youtube
Among the apps to make money, YouTube is also worth inserting.

It might seem difficult and yet there are several ways to make money with YouTube, it’s all about finding the channel that suits you and your needs.

To be successful and make money with YouTube, you don’t need to have millions of views or channel subscribers.

You can make money on YouTube by selling your products, joining the Partner Program, working as an influencer or affiliate, and much more.

The possibilities are endless, it’s up to you to take advantage of your creativity and your communication skills to be able to conquer the public and turn your passion into a job.

# 11. Friendz
app to earn with photos

An app to earn with photos: meet Friendz. It is a social network where users can access photo contests launched by different brands: the challenge? Produce the best photo which will then be used in their marketing strategies.

In return, each user receives credits and – once they have reached pre-established thresholds by the system – it is possible to redeem vouchers to spend on sites like Amazon, Zara, Zalando …

A totally free app that will allow you to earn money by taking some creative shots.

# 12. Toluna
App to make money with surveys: Toluna

Toluna is an app to really make money with surveys. Once registered, a series of questionnaires will appear to be filled in: each survey allows you to create your own stack of credits that give you access to various coupons and gift cards.

This app also features a desktop version which allows you to always have your polls just a click away (or tap!) On all your devices.

# 13. Google Opinion Rewards

We continue in the wake of the apps to earn with surveys by introducing you to Google Opinion Rewards created by the famous Mountain View giant.

Once the proposed surveys have been completed, Play credits will accumulate that can be used for their purchases. The questions proposed are the most varied: they range from “what do you think of the UN decision?” to “what’s your favorite Italian dish?“.

A nice way to earn a few euros in an easy way.

# 14. Satispay

You’ve probably heard of this app before. Yes, because Satispay has won so many users in a very short time that it has become one of the 250 fastest growing fintechs in the world.

The app allows you to pay cashless in many shops and in a growing number of ecommerce but how can you make money with Satispay? Through cashback.

Starting from the State one – which can also be accessed through transactions made through the app – Satispay offers three cashback options on its purchases:

Classic: receive a refund percentage for each payment made;
First purchase: receive cashback only for the first purchase in a store or business;
Incremental: every new purchase in the same place gives you access to an ever higher percentage of cashback (5%, 10%, 15% …).
Furthermore, by inviting a friend to join Satispay both you and the guest will receive a welcome bonus from the application.

# 15. Shopify
App to make money: Shopify

If you have decided to start your first online business among the good intentions of 2021, then Shopify cannot be missing among the apps to make money.

This app allows you to manage and monitor your online store from any device in order to stay up to date on sales trends.

Among the features of the Shopify App:

Fulfill, refund, or archive orders;
Contact customers;
Add or modify the products in your catalog;
Create Facebook Ads ads or manage Google Ads campaigns;
Create or modify discount codes;
View your store’s performance.
Monitoring your e-commerce is the first step to be able to optimize it and make it fruitful. In that sense, yes, Shopify is a money-making app.

App to earn money in 2021: conclusion
Here are the apps to make money in 2021 that we talked about:

Subito. it
Google Opinion Reward
At the end of this list, you should have realized that there are many opportunities to make money with your smartphone.

There are several apps to earn real money on Android and iPhone … but regardless of the type of app you choose to try, always remember to be careful of any scams, to choose an app that is reliable and suitable for your needs, and that does not there are shortcuts or tricks to earn, you must first commit yourself.

And you? Have you tried any of these apps to make money? How did you find yourself? Tell us your experience in the comments below!

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