What Makes a High-Quality Backlink?


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As a very important part of your overall SEO strategy, backlinks allow you to increase the awareness of your site while improving your ranking in the eyes of Google.

This off-site referencing, itself discussed in a previous article, nevertheless implies the need to find quality backlinks in order to maximize the positive impact of this very popular strategy. But how is it possible to collect quality backlinks?

Getting quality backlinks: how do you get there?

1. Get inbound links through content
While this seems obvious, it’s impossible to override the need for quality content in order to engage other bloggers who might want to link to your site. This strategy of link baiting through your content is not only about how much effort you put into writing your articles but also about the tricks you implement to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Whether it is in terms of the tone adopted, the editorial style highlighted or the touch of humor you show, ask yourself the following question: if my site merges with all the others, why would I spot among all the others?

2. Write about a company or individual of interest
Depending on your field, you will have an idea of ​​the individuals or companies who have expertise relevant to your field and with whom you, therefore, have affinities. From this point on, you could start writing an article about it, while being careful to let the main person know about your approach. If they like your article, chances are they’ll post that article on their own social networks, allowing you to get a link to your own site.

3. Make connections and be a guest blogger
First, identify sites with established fame. Build a relationship with the site’s author by leaving comments and sharing their articles through your social networks. Then, maintain a correspondence with him to let him know how you appreciate his work.

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One thing led to another and when contact is really established, offer him the possibility of being a guest blogger on his site. This will give the person you are writing the chance to distribute a quality article while benefiting from the traffic it brings to your site. Establishing this relationship will likely result in you gaining one more contact for more backlinks over time.

4. Improve an existing article
After reading an article, you may have an idea of ​​the additions or changes that could be beneficial to improve the content. With diplomacy and kindness, communicate it to the principal concerned. Chances are, it will link to your site as recognition. Note that your approach will make all the difference in the success or failure of this process.

5. Interviews: for high-quality backlinks
If you’ve taken the trouble to connect with companies in your area of ​​expertise, now is the time to put them to good use. You could contact some of these to offer them an interview. Be sure to do your research to make sure this meeting goes smoothly. After the article is published, there is a very good chance that the respondent will link to your site. In addition to benefiting from expert advice that will increase your credibility, you will benefit from a quality backlink for your site.

6. Develop the top 10 best articles in your field
Always staying in your area of ​​expertise, concoct a top 10 of the best articles that you find on a given theme. This tactic will allow you to draw attention to yourself, especially since you will take the trouble to contact each of the editors personally to let them know that they are some of the best identified in your research. As such, take a moment to ask them if they would be interested in linking to this article, a suggestion they will likely accept given the glowing reviews about them there.

7. Analyze the inbound links of your competitors
Take a quick visit to the websites of your competitors to find out about their own backlinks. This might give you an overview of the links that you might be looking for yourself if you haven’t already. If some have fallen through the cracks, you can also find them thanks to Moz’s OpenSite Explorer. This very interesting tool will allow you to have access to all the backlinks leading to these pages.

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